4 Things You Should Know About Buying During the Holidays

For many buyers, purchasing a home over the holidays can be ideal. In addition to competing against fewer buyers, you’ll finish the season off with the greatest gift of all — a new place to call home for years to come. Here are four t insights you can use as you purchase a home in Central Kentucky this holiday season.


1. You’ll compete against a smaller, committed pool of buyers

The holidays are a less popular time to buy a home, so you may see fewer buyers at open houses. Don’t assume this means you are without competition – holiday buyers are more dedicated to getting to the closing table, and multiple offers are still possible due to limited inventory in many areas. Be prepared to move quickly on a home that meets your criteria.


2. Think twice about putting in low offers

You might think that people selling over the holidays may be extremely motivated to move and willing to accept an offer for well under asking price. While Scrooge would approve of this philosophy, most sellers simply aren’t that desperate. To avoid losing a home you love, make sure your initial bid is competitive.


3. Limit your travel and don’t overschedule yourself

It can be difficult to slow down during the holidays, but in our fast-moving market, you’ll need to work around seller schedules. Whether you find a house through online searches or your Rector Hayden Agent sends a hidden gem your way, your goal should be to see it in person as soon as possible.

4. Ready to find “the one” this holiday season?

If you’re hoping to get a head start on buying before the hectic spring market arrives, start now! Contact your Rector Hayden Agent today to get started.


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