The Benefits of Selling with a Home Warranty

Even though our current housing market remains very strong, the period from list-to-close can be many weeks. 

How can sellers protect their valuable equity in the home during that time? With a home warranty! 

A warranty placed during the listing period can eliminate many out-of-pocket expenses sellers often experience from unexpected breakdowns and repairs to mechanical systems and appliances.

Seller coverage is free to the seller for up to six months when they commit to purchase coverage for the buyer at closing. If the property never closes, the seller owes nothing, even if claims were paid.

Seller benefits:

Coverage while your home is on the market. Mechanical system failures are covered during the listing period for up to six months. This means if something goes wrong, you can continue to concentrate your efforts on selling your home instead of worrying about repairs.

A powerful marketing tool. Research shows that 8 out of 10 buyers prefer to buy a warranted home. It’s added incentive that gives you the edge and sets your home apart from the competition.

Help prevent post-sale disputes. If an unexpected failure occurs in the home after the sale, the buyer will turn to the warranty company — not you — to solve the problem.


Avoid the worry and inconvenience of dealing with unexpected home repairs!  
With a home warranty provided by Rector Hayden Realtors, you get reliable protection backed by great service. Want more information about our Home Warranty partner, HMS? See more on our website at:


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