Christmas Feast 2016

Twas a Thursday prior to Christmas, and all through the halls; 
the laughter of agents was heard bouncing off the walls!


Who could ask for a better work family than the amazing folks here at Rector Hayden. We truly care about each other – not just in business transactions – but each other’s lives, families, trials and successes. We are all parents and children and sisters and brothers and friends to one another here – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Rector Hayden is about family – and family first. 

Here are some cute memories from our Christmas Feast this year! If you’re ever thinking about a new career or a brokerage change – these silly and loving folks would love for you to join ours. Or, if you’re ever in need of buying or selling assistance – trust these characters to treat you like their own family.

 Rector Hayden REALTORS® - Christmas Feast 2016

Why yes you may see Donald Trump and Kanye West as well as a few other famous celebrities along the back row…


As always – some of our more colorful agents put together a HILARIOUS skit that could put Saturday Night Live to shame! 

THURSDAY DECEMBER 16,2016 – LEXINGTON, KY:  Alex Trebek was welcomed back to host another episode of Celebrity Jeopardy at Rector Hayden on Thursday afternoon. The silver fox was accompanied by “Tricksie,” the ‘Elf-On-The-Shelf’ to help liven up the game a bit. 

As always, Santa and Mrs. Claus return as the reigning champions of Celebrity Jeopardy – and their on-screen flirtacious chemistry makes for a ‘jolly’ good time!

Returning for a second chance at success, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West! Kanye was not thrilled with the papparazzi, asking one young women if she could “just take the photo,” rather than engage in conversation with him. Kim’s assets were apparent as well this afternoon.

Special guests to this year’s competition were Donald Trump, president-elect, and duaghter Ivanka Trump. Ivanka shared with the audience her new fashion jewelry line, themed for reindeer. Mr. Trump began by telling Alex Trebek, “Alex, You’re Fired.”

As contestants faced off, attempting to correctly answer the Jeopardy clues regarding famous Holiday minutiae – Tricksie distracted them with silly string, popping balloons, and at one point attempting to set fire to part of the stage!!!

The Donald impressed the audience with his finest speech stating:

I notice that there are some of us that are not here today. And that is due to them moving over to Keller Williams Name Redacted for Security. I propose we build a wall between Rector Hayden and Keller Williams Name Redacted for Security. And, I’m going to make Keller Williams Name Redacted for Security PAY for that wall.

The audience’s cheers rose to astounding levels, a standing ovation, and some members of the audience wept with adoration.




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