Great Gifts For New Homeowners

Here are some thoughtful and easy gift ideas for you to consider if you know young or first-time homebuyers purchasing in Lexington or Central Kentucky.  


(or…maybe you ARE a new homeowner and could benefit from some gift ideas to share with generous friends and relatives!)


Moving day pizza or local restaurant gift cards

Whether you’ll be helping on moving day or not, consider sending a pizza delivery to the new abode on the night the buyers will be moving in. While a surprise would be fun, it’s best to let them know in advance so they can plan for it. If you’re delivering pizza or dinner in person, bring a set of paper plates and napkins (and maybe a chilled bottle of champagne) so they create a memory they’ll never forget.

An alternative to this plan is to give a gift card to a new local restaurant they can try out in their first few days or weeks in their new area. Check out reviews in advance so you know you’re sending them somewhere great! We recommend looking through the VisitLex Beyond Grits: Local Restaurant Guide. See the online version here:


Hardware tore gift cards

Even the most perfect new house will have a few idiosyncrasies, and you can ease a homebuyer’s burden by giving them a credit to a local hardware store. Big-box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot are perfect for handy homeowners who have big or small projects they want to complete.

For those who may need a bit more guidance and who will be tackling smaller projects, a local hardware store gift card works well. If they need a photo-hanging kit, the section at their local Ace Hardware may be less intimidating than the full aisle of options at a larger hardware store.


New Address Labels

Buyers often overlook the need for new address labels or an address stamp so this is a great idea they won’t be expecting. Online sites like Zazzle and Shutterfly have dozens of affordable designs available.



Most homeowners have plenty of picture frames from their previous residence, but they may not have indoor plants to jazz up the décor and freshen the air. Consider the size of their new home and their style as you select planters and plants.


Sheets, linens and towels

Linens of all kinds — bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters or quilts — will always be appreciated for new bedrooms. Extra towels, whether for the bathroom or kitchen, are also a great gift. Consider giving a gift receipt so they can exchange for the colors or types they prefer.


Homeowner essentials

When you’ve lived in an 800-square-foot apartment, extension cords may seem like a laughable item. Homeowners, on the other hand, will know that items like extension cords, power strips, extra light bulbs, cleaning solutions and even duct tape are must-have homeowner essentials. Deliver a small package of these items within one week of their move.





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