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“5 Slides Your Listing Presentation Needs in the Digital Age”


Paperless Agent is a great source to follow, and routinely have webinars and ebooks available for agents at a minimal price.  Usually, the also send out weekly tips along with their event invites!  (Great Item of Value!)  This week, I received tips on 5 slides you need in a listing presentation (slides can be sheets of paper, or it can be in the e-presentation you give them on your ipad!).  They were sent to me in an exclusive e-mail and now I’ve shared them with you!

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1. Pre-MLS Marketing Plan: Show your potential client that you’re ready to roll right then and there with marketing strategies for the home prior to it even going on the MLS.  Do you network with other area agents?  Share your upcoming listings (while still adhering to EHO and NAR guidelines, of course).

2. Marketing Campaign:  Showcase how you will get your seller’s home in front of buyers.  Sellers expect you to market to popular channels so make sure address how you will market online!  Facebook Marketing,, ListHub, RectorHayden Mobile App, and more!

3.  Staging + Photography:  A picture is worth 1,000 words!  Show examples to your clients of the homes you’ve previously sold and the professional photos!  If you use a professional photographer, have a mini portfolio of their work to share with your client.  Or, do some side by side comparisons of “The Other Agent’s” photos versus yours!  Remember to put your seller in the buyer’s shoes and remind them that almost all buyers start looking online so photos are important!  Staging and de-cluttering is also important.  Offer them the free Rector Hayden Staging Guide in paper format or online!

4.  Pricing & Preparation:  Emphasize the importance of the right price and the dangers of pricing a home outside of market expectations.  Beautifully prepared homes priced aggressively will generate lots of interest, get multiple offers, and make everyone happy in the end.

5.  Why Work with Me:  Compare your stats or Rector Hayden’s stats with the competition and market average.  Show that Rector Hayden has been serving over a third of all transactions in the Central Kentucky area or that our Days on Market is lower than the market average for homes!  Show what’s in it for the seller to work with you.




“How to Deliver E-mail Worth Reading”

From: reb_spot

The Real Estate Book is a unique source of great information for real estate agents all over the world.  It allows you to network and discuss with other agents, and learn all sorts of new tips and ideas for you, your clients, and their homes!  This article discusses 6 Tips on effective e-mail / e-newsletter writing.  We can all benefit from a writing refresher every now and again.  Take a few minutes to read through what REB says!

Read More → Read the Full Post at The Real Estate Book



“What is a 203K Mortgage?”

From BHHS Kansas City Realty’s Blog

[ Excerpt Taken from – BHHS Kansas City Realty is a part of Rector Hayden’s National Network through Berkshire Hathaway and HomeServices of America ]

Consumers often find ample value in distressed homes – properties that are under a foreclosure order or up for short sale. In many cases, “distressed” speaks more to the condition of the home than their recent financial histories. They may have been empty for extended periods and subject to vandalism and theft.

If you are considering a home in need of renovation, you should consider a 203k mortgage. It would allow you to finance both the acquisition and rehabilitation with a single loan. There are two types of 203k loans: Read More  →  

203k Streamline: This is the most popular. The maximum allowable in repairs is $35,000 and does not allow any structural repairs to be done to the home (unless they’re a result of an unforeseen circumstance).

Full 203k: Allows for structural repairs and can exceed the $35,000 in home repairs. Both types allow up to $1,500 in swimming pool repairs.

Some important 203k facts:

  • •  Since it is based on the home’s potential value after repairs (not its existing value), you can be approved for a higher loan amount.
  • •  They carry long-term-fixed rates.
  • •  They’re insured as soon as they fund.
  • •  They include escrow accounts for the scheduled repairs.
  • •  Loan amounts are capped according to local FHA limits.
  • •  Only owner-occupied properties of one to four units qualify.
  • •  The home must be at least one year old.
Questions about Mortgages?  Contact Rector Hayden Mortgage Expert:

Aaron Mason

Mortgage Loan Officer
phone: 859-685-2460


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