Lexington Ranks #1 for New Careers!

For those of us blessed enough to live in Central Kentucky, we know what a fantastic area Lexington Metropolitan is.  Growth, arts, culture, local support, education, and more – it’s a vibrant and gorgeous community. Recently, OnlineDegrees.com created a ranking of cities in the US that give the best benefits and opportunities to millenials graduating from post-secondary education.

Lexington ranked #1 on the list!

[From KyForward Article]

For those who can’t imagine staying in a place too big or too small, Onlinedegrees.com reveals the best mid-size cities in the U.S. for what millennials crave the most – work/life balance, access to entertainment, and a city full of their peers.

Based on our analysis, college towns and cities far from either cost scored particularly well and Lexington, home of the University of Kentucky, ranked No. 1.

The Top 10 Cities for Millenials to find success and opportunity after graduating are as follows:

  1. Lexington, Kentucky
  2. Amarillo, Texas
  3. Madison, Wisconsin
  4. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  5. Lubbock, Texas
  6. Durham, North Carolina
  7. Tallahassee, Florida
  8. Honolulu, Hawaii
  9. Lincoln, Nebraska
  10. Omaha, Nebraska

You can read the full report and see the top 15 selections here: OnlineDegrees Top Cities


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