Minimize Your Mortgage Expenses

Here’s how homebuyers and homeowners alike can take steps to help lower their mortgage costs!

When applying for a mortgage or a refinance, there’s often a fee charged up-front by the lender to begin the process.  Before applying for a loan, be sure to ask about the application fee that will be charged – and don’t hesitate to shop around to compare these fees (important: also ask if the lender will refund this fee if the loan is not approved).  TIP:  Rector Hayden Mortgage does NOT charge an application fee!

It is always a good idea to compare rates and fees from potential lenders when buying or refinancing. Lenders offer different fees and can also offer different rates, depending on a variety of factors. TIP:  Rector Hayden Mortgage offers rates and fees that are often the LOWEST to be found!

When buying or refinancing, your credit score and history will be important to lenders, so keeping track of your financial situation in the months leading up to applying for a loan or refinance is crucial.

Rector Hayden Realtors’ affiliated lender, Rector Hayden Mortgage, provides a vast menu of mortgage programs and products.  Get started today! Click here for more about Rector-Hayden Mortgage. One of the best benefits of working with a Rector Hayden REALTOR® is having access to our in-house Lending Company, Rector Hayden Mortgage!  Aaron Mason, our chief Mortgage Loan Officer, is on hand 5 days a week to answer any questions about the loan process.  Aaron assists our agents and their clients in finding competitive rates and unique loan options that are CUSTOM FIT for your situation.  info piece


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