Neighborhood Insights: North Limestone

Historic, charming, and an embodiment of the Lexington Spirit – The North Limestone Community sits just north of main street in downtown Lexington, KY.

Due to rapid growth in Lexington, many of the great gifts of this community have been lost to the public eye. However, the non-profit organization – North Limestone Community Development Corporation – works to revitalize this area.

Now, the NoLi Neighborhood is home to some of Lexington’s greatest artist attractions, local eateries, and fun family entertainment! Recently, Rector Hayden members Whitney Baxter and June Laves stopped by one of NoLi’s main events: The Night Market / Mercado Bajo La Luna.


“The Night Market is a monthly pop-up street festival that helps businesses, artists, and non-profits from the North Limestone Corridor reach new audiences. []”


Food trucks and local breweries lined the ends of the market, which takes place at the intersection of Bryan Avenue and Limestone.  This portion of the road is shut down to traffic and turned into a pedestrian market for the evening.

A stage is set up against the old materials warehouse where live music is performed throughout the evening.  We were delighted to see that the night’s particular band allowed children on stage to jam out with them!


Vendors and stalls of crafts and wares are setup along both sides.  Priority placement is given first to local residents and businesses, as the night market’s goal is to help invigorate the community – but vendors from all over are welcome to sign up and participate.  Beautiful organic plants and garden starters from a local green thumb – you can see an intrigued pooch considering the selection of herbs and ferns.  Kentucky for Kentucky ], sells chic clothing and gifts that, “highlight the complex identity of our state.”



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