RHUniveristy: Class of May 2016


Congratulations!  You made it!  A rigorous week is behind you that hopefully left you feeling engaged and empowered to be the best REALTORS in Central Kentucky.  You’ve gone through 4 full 8 hour days and a half day – jam packed with hands-on education!!  We’re proud that your perserveered and congratulate you on joining our family officially!!

Like any career there will be ups and downs, but we all – your staff, managers, and fellow agents – wish for you to succeed and will do anything we can to motivate and guide you!  You came to use with passion for this industry and we wish to continue to fuel your growth and love for serving this community.

Here’s some photos from today’s graduation lunch.  These 6 amazing REALTORS are about to help YOU find your next home sweet home.  Scroll down to see links to each agent’s introduction announcement.


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