Tips for Top Agents: Content Creation & Curation

Let’s talk about content.  One of the best ways to build your online brand reputation and instill a sense of trustworthiness is to BE the expert resource online.  Provide the information that everyone needs.  Start the conversations.  Answer the questions.  Many industry professionals are leading the pack or maintaining their business because they produce content that sets them apart from their peers.  They are DIFFERENTIATING themselves by developing original thought and discussion.  This can be as simple as a monthly newsletter or letter – to as complex as weekly blog posts with coordinating social media posts.

You know how to buy and sell a house, right?  So let people know that you do!

Creation: the planning, forming, and production of something of use.

The following list can be used in many different marketing practices (facebook posts, blogging, vlogging, e-mails, letters, website content, it’s endless).  Remember, when providing an item of value (your content) cultivate an action as well.

  • Talk about the actual steps to buying and selling a home or other processes.
    • title examples: “25 Tips to Selling Your Home in the Lexington Market – There’s More to It than Putting up a Sign.”
    • resources: On the RHR HUB (your source for information and tools as a Rector Hayden Agent) are digital copies of our Buying Journey and Selling Journey brochures.  These documents have a simple timeline of the process with key steps.  You can share this content, or some of this content when you post.
    • Call to Action:  “Want a copy of the Selling Journey? Contact me with your name and e-mail address – and any selling questions you may have!”
  • Why do Mortgage Rates Vary?  What’s the current rate?  How do I find a lender?
    • title examples: “Why a Mortgage can be customized to your needs.” or “Best Questions to ask a Potential Lender.”
    • resources:  Rector Hayden Mortgage’s very own Aaron Mason is an expert in ALL matters of home financing.  He can provide you with great content and information.
    • Call to Action:  “We can talk about your financing needs and then meet with our in-house lender if you’d like!”
  • Areas of Interest / Market Activity
    • title examples: “The Best Places to Eat in the Beaumont Neighborhood.” or “The 5 things you’ll LOVE about Richmond, KY.”
    • resources:  Over on Pinterest, Rector Hayden has boards for each key metropolitan area in our service radius – with links to information on restaurants, tourism, and more!  Or, take your own photos and videos, write your own guide.
    • Call to Action: “This Neighborhood can’t be beat – and your Beaumont Home is waiting for you!” Then link to a page of beaumont home search results from your site!  Or, give people an opportunity to sign up for a Market Watch report for a zip code or area!
  • What does a good transaction feel like? 
    • title examples: “Three things to avoid at Closing!” or “Dotting Your i’s and Crossing Your t’s!”
    • resources: Talk about the same things you tell a client when you prep them for closing (you do prep them, right – and go and hold their hand, yes?).  THEN, share a client’s testimonial.  Chances are if they client was really satisfied with your help – they’ll write a whole letter for you to share about why they chose you.  Or, maybe even do a quick video interview!  Ask them what you could even do better – why they trusted you…
  • Why Zillow’s Zestimate isn’t an accurate representation of your Home’s Value
    • title examples: “Why is My Home’s Zestimate not the True Value?”
    • resources: Run a comparative analysis on a current listing and talk about the discrepancies between your listing price and the Zestimate.  Discuss local effects on pricing, or home interior effects on pricing.
    • Call to Action: This one is a classic – guide them to ask you for a free analysis.  Soon, Rector Hayden will be releasing new tools for our agents to create detailed comprehensive reports that compare multiple estimates (kind of like running a credit report and receiving multiple scores).  This will be a great conversational tool.

Or, you can supplement your content and posts with resources from elsewhere! See below…

Curation: the selection, maintenance, collection of resources to be used as reference and source for rhetoric.

Curating is – basically – sharing a link to someone else’s article and talking about it.  Here are some great examples of sites to share content from…

  10. #RealEstateNews on Twitter



Have you heard about Canva?  Click the link below to learn how easy it is to make your own graphics / images / flyers / and more – for FREE using this great tool!  Endorsed by June Laves – so you know it’s handy!!


Thanks for checking in Team!  Hope you all are doing well as we transition in to fall.  Remember, Tech Training classes are every Thursday and Integrated Marketing/Social Media class is once a month (usually the 4th Tuesday of the Month).  But, you can also come in and talk with your support staff about what we can do to help you!

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