5 Tips to Pass Your Inspection When Selling

Tips to pass your inspection when selling


The vast majority of Central Kentucky homebuyers will want to have a thorough home inspection performed as soon as their offer is accepted by the seller.  Here’s some help on how to ensure that your home passes with the fewest issues possible.

#1. Provide Access

First, provide unfettered access to your electric panels, heating and cooling systems and your attic. The inspector will need to assess all of these areas, so it’s best to let them get in easily. Remember also to clean the space below your sinks so the inspector can easily assess your pipes.

#2. Be Ready to Test

Second, be sure to empty all your appliances to facilitate the inspection (except your refrigerator, of course).  That means your washer, dryer, dishwasher and stove should all be fully empty and ready to test.

#3. Provide Documents

Next – if possible — provide full documentation of your appliances, systems and any work you’ve had done on them.

For example, “if you’ve had an engineer inspect a crack in your foundation and there’s nothing wrong with your structure, display that report so the home inspector doesn’t have to be concerned about the crack,” says a local inspection company.

#4. Lights On!

One incredibly simple tip – replace ALL light bulbs so the inspector won’t have to worry about whether a burnt out bulb is really an issue with your wiring.

#5. Get out of There!

Last, get out of thereThink of the inspection as another home showing – you need to be out of sight and out of mind so the inspector can speak freely with the buyers and their agent. And if at all possible, take your pets with you or arrange for them to be visiting a friend or relative during the inspection time.


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