Sellabration 2020!

Sellabration – Our Annual Kick-Off event at Rector Hayden REALTORS®

We kicked off our 2020 season, with our award ceremony, “Sellabration”! It was a fabulous time celebrating the success of each one of our real estate agents in our Rector Hayden REALTORS family.

Every year, we look forward to this gathering to embrace each other’s achievements, and encourage each other in our businesses.  We’re honored to work with our amazing agents, leaders in the brokerage, and full-time staff who work hard every single day in our community.

The full album of photos from our event can be found on our facebook page

› 2020 President’s Club Awards ‹

  • Halfhill Auction Group
  • Alma Hopkins
  • Eve Stern
  • The Gary Denton Group
  • Castle Key Group
  • Cindy Shryock
  • Karen Burns
  • Shannon Foster
  • Harold and Cindy Taylor
  • Randy Adkins
  • Caitlin Mittle
  • The Delaney Team
  • Louis and Susan Baldwin
  • Mary Ann Simpson
  • Nancy Smith
  • Feola Williams Group
  • The Hamilton Montgomery Group
  • Anne Osborne



We honored a very important goal for our agents:

The Platinum Producer Award

Rector Hayden’s highest honor- TOP 10. 


  1. Riddell-Smith Group

  2. The Justice Group

  3. Jeri Hartley

  4. Laura Hayden

  5. The Bells

  6. The Woeste Group

  7. Humes Ward Team

  8. KY Shines Group

  9. Chad Helm

  10. Cathy Cornett-Wilson


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