Prepping Your Home for Winter

Now that November is here, it’s time to prepare your home for cold weather. These steps will help lower your utility bills, protect your investment and prepare your home for this year’s winter.


Clean your gutters early and often

Don’t Try This… Please be safe.

It’s hard to know when the first snowfall will come, so be sure to keep your gutters free of debris as the autumn leaves fall. Ask your agent if they have any recommended service providers so that you stay safe!


Prep the lawn

Rake and bag your leaves at least once per week during the fall season. Your local garbage collection may also pick up yard debris. Talk with your Rector Hayden Realtor about what services are available in your neighborhood. Be sure to rake briskly so you remove any moss or deeply-entrenched debris that could impede drainage over the winter, causing ice or other hazards.


Check windows and doors for air leaks

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average household spends more than $1,000 on heating and cooling costs annually. One way to lower your energy bills is to ensure that your heat doesn’t leak out as cool temperatures arrive.

Check for leaks by holding a lit candle to your windows, door frames, baseboards and the vent leading outside from your dryer. If the candle flickers as you run it past the area, fill in the leak with caulk. Your Rector Hayden Realtor may also have recommendations for professionals, should your leaks be severe.


Add insulation and seal off attic

Many homeowners ignore their attics, especially if they are unfinished. Attic leaks are extremely common, so insulating your attic can immediately lead to lower energy bills. Attic insulation also has the highest return on investment of any local home improvement project, so you may even earn back more than you spend on this project over time!

Still not sold on the benefit of attic insulation? Consider this: When hot air escapes from your attic, you put your home at risk for ice dams, which can be costly and nearly impossible to fix. 

Talk to your Rector Hayden Realtor about professionals that could affordably insulate your attic for you, or offer other winterization tips for your home.


Upgrade to a smart thermostat

If you’re still turning the thermostat down when you go to bed and up when you get home from work, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. These devices can learn when it’s safe to lower the temperature and when to boost the thermostat because everyone is at home after a long day. Nest is one of the most popular smart thermostats, but there are plenty of other options on the market. Smart homes are the way of the future!



Still unsure about what you should do to winterize your home? Reach out to your Rector Hayden Realtor about winterization and home care tips!